Featured Vendors

We source our food from the finest vendors, and we're always on the lookout for specialty items that we know our customers will love.

Callies Biscuits-Vendor_001

Callie's Biscuits

Delicious foods from fresh to frozen

Taste and nutrition — we aim for the highest standards in all of our product offerings.

Leonas Ice Cream-Vendor_001

Leona's Ice Cream Sandwiches

Firehook Bakery-Vendor_001

Firehook Bakery

Raincoast Crisps-Vendor_001

Raincoast Crisps

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Grey Ghost Bakery

Out of the ordinary

We scour the aisles at the Fancy Food Show and keep close watch for new and outstanding foods to bring our customers.

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Scamps Toffee


We do the leg work to ensure that the food we offer is produced by reliable and trusted vendors. Your neighborhood market.

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LUX Artisan Chocolates

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Plantation Peanuts


Complete prepared meals and the finest ingredients to create your own amazing dishes, count on us to be there for you.

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Wicked Mix

Healthy, Clean Food

Organic, gluten-free, local, fresh, and humanely-raised food — it's all here at feast.

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Red Clay Gourmet

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Cowgirl Creamery